Fake News: How to Spot Misleading News

Fake News

Monday, June 4th 2018

6:00 PM

While the term “fake news” has recently become part of the American and even the global lexicon, librarians have long been engaged in ongoing efforts to help people become more discerning and selective consumers of information. Our current technology-rich environment allows both real information and mis-/disinformation to be rapidly created and shared, which satisfies society’s desire for information on-demand, but does not always meet the standards for sound decision-making. “Fake News” is not just a conservative versus liberal problem; it’s not just about politicians versus the media. Join us for an overview of the “fake news” issue, including terms frequently used when talking about the phenomenon, statistics on the scope of the problem, and resources to help all of us become more discerning information consumers.
Presented by Cynthia Flanagan, Adjunct Reference & Instruction Librarian at HACC Lancaster Campus, and Andrea Hartranft, Reference & Instruction Librarian at the HACC Harrisburg Campus.


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