Tween Tuesdays

Tuesday, August 11th 2020

11:00 AM

Every Tuesday, June 23rd 2020 - August 11th 2020

11:00 AM

Join Youth Services Coordinator Lindsay Bandy for book recommendations on Facebook Live.


Week #1 (June 22-28)
Imagine YOUR Story
This week, all age groups will spend some time introducing themselves in creative ways and learning about books that help us to think about who we are, as well as who we could become. You’ll also get to know Lindsay, and have a chance to ask her some questions live!

Week #2 (June 29-July 5)
Stories Are Windows
Stories can be mirrors, showing us who we are, but they can also be windows into other people’s experiences. This week, we’ll explore books that expand our understanding of the world and build empathy for people who are different from us. We’ll do creative projects that help us to think outside of our own points of view, too.

Week #3 (July 6-12)
Animal Lovers Unite!
Animals are all around us—from our living rooms to the depths of the oceans, from the local zoo to our wildest imaginations! This week, we’ll focus on informative nonfiction, the importance of pets, and some pretty wild fantasy creatures. A special story time will include animal-pose yoga.

Week #4 (July 13-19)
Once Upon A Time…
This week is all about fantasy and fairy tales. We’ll explore modern takes on well-known fairy tales, introduce fantasy series for various age groups, and create fantasy worlds of our own. We’ll also learn about the fantasy worlds in movies, artwork, and music.

Week #5 (July 20-26)
In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…
Science fiction, space, and technology are the stars of this week! We’ll use all sorts of materials to build space stations, dream up new inventions, and learn about what lies beyond our horizon. Movies, TV, and comics will also be featured this week as we share our favorite out-of-this-world entertainment!

Week #6 (July 27-August 2)
Every Family Has a Story
From family history to our most hilarious family moments, we’ll celebrate the people closest to us. Families will have a chance to compete for prizes in our first annual Manheim’s Funniest Family Challenge, craft their own unique family crest, and delve into the past together. We’ll also introduce books that deal with family relationships and challenges, and celebrate the strength of family bonds.

Week #7 (August 3- 9)
HIStory, HERstory, OURstory
This week’s special programming will feature girls and boys who changed the course of history, as well as books that give us windows into the past. Historical fiction and nonfiction, as well as biographies, will be featured, and we’ll go on a Maker Monday treasure hunt for old stuff to up-cycle into something awesome!

Week #8 (August 10-16)
What Storytellers Do
Have you ever wondered about the people who create the stories you love? This week, we’ll meet several real-life authors who will answer your questions and talk about their work! We’ll also explore interesting ways to create stories—not just in writing, but also through photography, videography, visual art, and music.

Week #9 (August 17-22)
Imagine the Future
As we wrap up our summer reading program, we’ll look toward the future. All age groups will explore the ways people make a difference in their communities and the world—from small acts of kindness to starting revolutions! Teens and Tweens will learn about utopian and dystopian fiction, and the library will host a food and school supply drive to help our community to start the school year strong.