The Board of Trustees and the staff members of the Manheim Community Library welcome the involvement of the community. Your help brings us closer to our goal of providing excellent resources to the community in an appealing and dynamic environment.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to volunteer in the Library. There are great opportunities for fulfilling Community Service Hours, Cub/Girl Scout Requirements, and National Honor Society.

Volunteers are also needed to help with Friends of the Library activities and events. For more information, email friendsofmanheimlibrary@gmail.com.

Volunteer Form

As a volunteer of the library I am aware I will be required to move freely about the library. I am able to climb steps, shelve books, and monitor the activities throughout the library. I am able to walk while carrying five pounds. I also understand the rights of our patrons to their privacy. I will not disclose any personal information about our patrons. I understand this to include types of material selected, financial obligations incurred by a patron, program attendance, web site visitation, information sought, etc. I agree to follow the policies and procedures set forth by the director and Board of Trustees. I agree to complete a background check and obtain a child abuse clearance.