Computer Access Policy

Patrons must use their own Library Card to access computers.

Library Cards must be in good standing:

  • Fines and fees will be less than $5.99.
  • Your photo will be attached to the Library record.
  • A signed Internet & Computer Use Form (available from the front desk) will be on record.
  • Children (17 and under) must have a parent sign the Internet & Computer Use Form in the Library.

General Rules:

  • One person to a computer.
  • Minimal talking.
  • Headphones must be used for any audio.
  • You cannot save anything to this computer.
  • Printing:
    • $0.25/page for Black and White
    • $0.60/page for Color
  • No food or uncovered drinks.
  • Viewing inappropriate material will be cause for expulsion.
  • Do not try to reconfigure computers.
  • The Library is not responsible for your personal computer gear, disks, or accessories.


  • Some short-term assistance is regularly available.
  • Some tutoring is available by appointment.

Time May be Extended For:

  • Those working on resumes or job searches.
  • Students working on homework or school related projects.
  • When anyone is waiting to use a computer, time will not be extended.

Visitor Rules:

  • Visitors from out of the area may request a guest card.
  • Guests must sign a Computer User Agreement (available at the front desk) for our files.