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A Superior Death coverA SUPERIOR DEATH
Nevada Barr, Anna Pigeon #2

Anna Pigeon left the high desert of West Texas for the deep waters of Lake Superior. She learns how to navigate those waters, both on the surface and in the depths where the ruins of ancient ships lie in state. One of those sunken vessels, the Kamrood, is a treasure-trove for deep sea divers and contains five bodies which have been preserved over the decades. And then there is a sixth body unexpectedly included with the original five.

Nevada Barr, herself a park ranger, writes about Anna’s experiences as a recently transferred park ranger who misses her horse, Gideon, her cat, Piedmont, and trades the hot and dry air of the west for the cold chilling winds and waters of one of the Great Lakes of the northern United States. In this second of Ms. Barr’s murder mysteries, Anna learns new skills, makes new friends, and once again escapes the jaws of death, this time as a deep sea diver.

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