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Sue Grafton, Kinsey Millhone #2

Kinsey Millhone, just two weeks after the fatal shooting of her attacker, takes on a missing person case. Of course, this would not be a murder mystery unless someone shows up murdered, and Kinsey digs deep into the situation to find out what happened to that missing person. The web of intrigue twists and turns with great drama, and the who-dun-its turn up to be the least expected, which, of course, makes it a good murder mystery.

Ms. Grafton takes Kinsey to Florida twice, picking up an elderly wanna-be detective along the way, but much of the action takes place in Santa Teresa, California. While the private investigator protagonist turns over many stones and looks into the lives of anyone connected to the missing person, some of whom are truthful but many more are not, she also must deal with the aftermath of the trauma of her previous big case.

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