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Craig Johnson, Longmire #1

The Cold Dish coverWe are not traveling too far with this week’s review, but we are returning to Wyoming. This trip takes us again to the Big Horn Mountains, the Powder River, a different county (Absaroka), and a different town (Durant). The characters, too, are different:  Walt Longmire is the sheriff, Vic Moretti is his deputy, and Henry Standing Bear is Walt’s best friend.

Sheriff Longmire is a widower with a daughter, Cady, who is a lawyer in Philadelphia. He has been the sheriff of Absaroka County for much of his adult life and is considering retirement. There isn’t much crime in this part of Wyoming, but what Longmire has experienced haunts him, especially a case involving a young Native American girl, Melissa Little Bird, who was allegedly gang-raped by several high school jocks. Melissa was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Longmire highly respects the Native American people, their customs and lore, and cares deeply for those under his jurisdiction. He also cares deeply for his staff and the colorful residents of Absaroka County.

As Walt is doing his weekly study of the file on Melissa, he is notified that there is a dead body in a ditch. Since those who find this dead body have a notorious reputation for being mostly drunk, Walt discounts the report and sends his deputy, Vic Moretti. Unfortunately, there is a dead body, one of the boys involved in the Melissa Little Bird case. Walt now wonders if this was an accidental shooting or intentional. If intentional, then the lives of the other boys may be in danger as well.

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