Follow an Author

Follow an Author


How does the Follow an Author program work?
Select your favorite author and a format (Book, Large Print, Audiobook). This format will be placed on hold every time your author publishes a new title.

What if I want to change or update my selections?
Let us know! You may also select to move further down on a certain list if you have too many books right now.

What if my favorite author is not on the list?
Ask to see if your author is a candidate for this program. Based on several factors not all authors may be eligible.

So, will I get the book FIRST?
Our list will rotate so you will be FIRST sometimes. If you want to be FIRST every time, you can Adopt an Author.


Did you know you could also adopt your favorite Author?

How does Adopt an Author work?
The Adopt an Author program is a way for you to support your favorite author by insuring the availability of their new book in the Manheim Community Library. Basically, you pay for the new title at the library’s discounted cost (40% off cover price). When your adopted author publishes a new title, the library will notify you when the book is received. You will receive an invoice for the cost with your new title. A bookplate will be placed in the front of the book stating that this title was purchased as part of the Adopt an Author program.

*Donations are deductible to the extent permissible by law.


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Thank you for helping us stretch our book budget and provide more copies of the books people want!