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Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot #1

The Mysterious Affair at Styles book cover

Back in England, Agatha Christie introduces Hercule Poirot, the indomitable detective from Belgium, along with detective-in-training, Arthur Hastings in The Mysterious Affair at Styles. It is unclear exactly the time period in which Ms. Christie begins her tales involving Poirot, but it seems to be the in the time of the Great War, for some talk of war filters through, and Hastings is on leave from his military duties.

Hastings narrates the story. He is invited to spend leave at his friend’s estate, Styles Court, near Essex, England, which he does so excitedly. He has not seen his friend, John Cavendish, for many years, and both Hastings and Cavendish have much to tell of their lives. It turns out that John’s widowed mother, Emily, recently married a much younger man, Alfred Inglethorp, who is both disliked and distrusted by the others in the family, all of whom reside at Styles Court.

Emily Inglethorp suddenly dies an unexpected and rather unpleasant, and perhaps suspicious, death. Hastings is aware of the little community of Belgians nearby, in which Hercule Poirot resides. He asks for and receives permission to have Poirot take a look at the situation (the family hopes to keep both the police and press uninvolved). Poirot and his “little grey cells” work diligently to determine who did what and when with the resulting back and forth (he did it; no, he did it; well, maybe she did it) until Poirot gathers everyone together and reveals his findings and, yes, surprising conclusions. An interesting thread throughout is how Hastings fumbles with his own sleuthing skills, or lack thereof, and how he vacillates between doubt of Poirot’s skills and admiration for Poirot’s uncanny abilities of deduction.

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